Snow Way – Another Update Post!

Hey all! I hope that everyone who lives in N.E. is staying warm today! We had a snow storm last night into today. It wasn’t too bad, I have seen worse but my drive to work this morning was GORGEOUS. I wish I was able to snap a few photos but unfortunately I didn’t leave myself with any extra time to stop. I did however, take a couple after work that I would like to share (all were taken with my phone).


This was taken right when I left work – it’s breath taking!




I  just love the way the snow looks on the trees! It’s beautiful and one of the reasons why I love the snow. I would miss it too much if I moved somewhere warm. I definitely take advantage of the fact that I can witness all 4 seasons.

Other than the snow, I have a new makeup related video I recently uploaded to Youtube! It’s a smokey eye look – go and check it out. Granted I am still fairly new to makeup; I love to mess around with new makeup products and see which ones work better than others!

Another note: My vlog from the Ice Castles is going up today around 2:00 p.m. so if you’re stuck inside from the snow storm – check out my new vlog video! 🙂




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