Enzo celebrated his barkday!

Happy hump day everyone!

I am here with another post and today I am going to talk about my big puppy! 🙂  Yesterday, January 10th, Enzo turned one! He’s officially a big boy now!

I have never had a puppy so the experience was all new to me! Watching Enzo grow -very quickly I might add- has been such a blessing. Enzo has taught me so much about myself and my relationship with Adam. It’s not easy raising a puppy and I will admit that I thought it was going to be easy when we first got him. Here are a few lessons that I have learned while raising our little pup!

Lessons learned:

  1. You can no longer be selfish –  Enzo has taught me to be less selfish when it comes to things. One example is sleeping in. If he needs to go out to pee/poop Adam or I have to get up to let him out; even if it’s at 4:30 a.m.
  2. You have to be patient – Training a puppy is hard work, especially when there’s another puppy living in the same house (Adam and I live with his parents & they have a puppy that’s 4 months older than Enzo) who may or may not know your training techniques. You have to be patient and you might have to repeat, repeat, and repeat a command until the puppy learns what you’re trying to teach it.
  3. You have a responsibility – It’s not like owning a fish where you feed it twice a day and that’s it. You have to give puppies attention, food & let them out to pee/poop. You now have something to take care of, something who can’t physically do it themselves. For instance, you have to take the pup on walks EVEN if you’re tired from working all day.
  4. Love unconditionally – Enzo has taught me to love unconditionally. There have been many of different occasions where I have been so upset at Enzo for doing something wrong -pooping/peeing in the house- but you can’t hate them. They didn’t mean to do it; they probably just couldn’t hold it any longer and all of the signs they gave you, you didn’t recognize. Dogs can’t talk!
  5. Speaking with body language – Going back to what I mentioned above about dog’s not being able to talk – they speak with body language. As humans we tend to do the same but some of us don’t always read into it correctly. Something that I have learned with Enzo is I have to speak more with my body. To this day I still talk to him like he understands what I am saying… haha.
  6. Teamwork – When two/more people caring for a pup you need to communicate to each other important information such as feeding, pees/poops, and so forth. I have learned that Adam and I do a great job being fur-parents. In turn, this has made mine and Adam’s relationship stronger; we can officially take care of something as a team.

I am sure that there are more lessons that I have learned but these are just the few that I could think of! Now, without making this post soo boring with all of my words here are some photos & a video from Enzo’s barkday!

I would love to hear about your lessons that you learned raising your first pet; leave a comment below!


Enzo: Why do I need to wear this thing?
Watson: Is this cake real? Can I have some?


Enzo: This is going to be the only posed picture I am doing.


Enzo: Dad why is mom obsessed with taking pictures?
Adam: Suck it up and pose!


Enzo: Mom…. whyyyy?


Enzo: CAKE?!


Enzo: And presents?! It’s my lucky day!


Annnnnd I am in a food coma, but I had a great birthday. Thanks Mom and Dad! 😉

Watch my newest vlog! 🙂



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